Be Yourself!

Challenge, Change, Cold Shower, Inspiration, Motivation

Amazing quote, perfectly me. Only the second part (All I can do is BE ME.. whatever that is...)

I have successfully completed Cold Shower Therapy. 30 days showered with cold water. So what happened? First of all, it is worth it to see other people’s face when you are telling to them that I prefer cold shower:) Second continuing your choice gives you more power. I feel more confident and powerful. 

I am in a different transition of my life. I am fastly moving to forward. I am trying to do it with my actions and thoughts. During this period, I only think myself. That I noticed I have not done it before. I always cared what other people think about me or I care about more their needs. But if I don’t find out my needs, I would not figure out who I am. So first I should be myself. Of course this could be found so selfish and arrogant for other people. 
But as a human being we have lots of periods in our life. During in this busy life we are living our lives as it is programmed. So I decided to stop and think about it. Hey where I am going to and what I really want to do? 

At my 20s ages, I was so unexperienced, I was so curious to learn everything. But I wasn’t feeling so powerful to change what I really want. I was in my comfort zone. And there were examples I have seen. So I was thinking that I should do and want those things…

But I realized now that in my 30s, I don’t want to have average people’s choices. I want something so different and challenging. Now I can say that I am on my way. Maybe I haven’t totally figured out yet but I feel that nothing is impossible. I can live anywhere or I can do anything. My dreams are not so far to me. I strongly believe and try to catch them. 

I think at 30s something special comes to us and says that stop and think, is it the life you are dreaming?

We have only one life as far as I know, so why don’t we think what we really want? I am reading some inspirations telling that I quit my job and I am traveling the world as a backpacker as I always dreamed or people after 40s started to write or draw that they discovered their skills.

It is never late to catch your dreams but first remember when you are child what were you dreaming? After that I know lots of things happened and we really forgot and scheduled as regular people but if we remember I think many things will come to the surface.

It is worth to try! Let’s be ourselves without caring negative thoughts and people!

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