2014 vs 2015!

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It is the time! 

We will be saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015. 

So I think we should first review last year and find what we did well and did not well so we can improve ourselves in those areas.,

It is the time to deep dive our inner sides and if we want to be our better version we should push our weak sides and make them improved.

So I am honestly sharing with you my challenging situations and failures of 2014. 

I am pleased to know which areas I need to overcome it. 

So why don’t we start a fresh page in our lives starting 2015?

So here is my 2014 review for myself! 

Hope to let’s get over all our weaknesses with knowing ourselves!

What did work this year?

Good areas (+)


Running Races

English Public Speaking


Language Improvement

  • Took IELTS score

What did not work well this year?

Improvement areas (-)

  • Mess up with relationships (Complicated!)
  • Saving money (!)

*One little note Saturn left Scorpio as of today so as a scorpio I learned lots of things during these 2.5 years and and now time to action:) 

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Tale of Kackar Mountains!

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I was in Kackar Mountains last week. 

I am very proud of telling you that I have done one more thing from my impossible list

Hiking and camping on Kackar Mountains and it was awesome!

We climbed at the top of the mountain and it was 3937 mt and wrote my notes to guestbook. 

It tooked 10 hours to go up and come back down by walking on small stones and rocks. Although it was so tough, it was worth to see the amazing view.

While watching the wonderful view, I can tell you that it was one of the most unforgettable moments I had. 

Here please check out the stunning photos of Kackar Mountains and watch the video below!



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Last week I was in Berlin. It was a very peaceful travel for me. I have traveled on my own and it made me feel so good. There was no hurry just I felt relaxed. Every morning was starting at 07.00 with 5 km running at the awesome Volkspark Friedrichshain. It was the best place I have ever run. Along beautiful trees, lakes and squirrels, I ran as fast as I could. After running, of course I had my cold shower. I can honestly tell you that Berlin has a veryyy cold water:) I freezed but did not give up to have cold shower🙂 Well done to me:)

When I go somewhere new, I imagine myself like living there. I am not in a hurry like hey I should see all “to see places”!
First I try to breath the air and observe the people. I wonder what are they doing in their daily lives? If I see a local person, I make a scenerio for him/ her. What is her/his job? What is it like his/ her house? Where is he/she going in a hurry? Maybe it sounds crazy but it lets me understand their lifestyle. 

And also if someone tells me you should see that place especially I don’t go there. I resist popular things I think:) Because I want to see places that I am attracted not because of everyone loves. So I try to see what I find interesting. I love exploring new things by myself. So I realized that best travel for me traveling solo. Because everything will be under my control -a little bit control freak? Maybe:). But I would do and see whatever I want. And after that I feel I am free.

I have attended two different tours in Berlin. 

Last year I have attended in Paris and liked it too much. When I travel a new place, I try to search this tour. This the best way to learn a city by the guides who are living there. 

The places in the tour are as below:

Pariser Platz

The Brandenburg Gate

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Site of Hitler’s Former Bunker (The place where Hitler killed himself now is now playground!)

Luftwaffe HQ

The Berlin Wall

The Former SS Headquarters

Checkpoint Charlie

The 1920s Cabaret Mile


The Old Royal Boulevard

The TV Tower

The second tour was the coolest tour I have ever done. You can see under world of Berlin. The bunkers in the cold war. It was amazing!

Check it out:

The other places I have also seen:

Museum Island

Berlin’s East Side Gallery

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

Haskescher Markt

And my favourite place in Berlin was Tiergarten Park. It was in my impossible list you know. I was waiting to be there for a long time and finally I was there. I can totally tell you that I fell in love with this park. I can live there forever:) It made me feel, I am totally alive! It was awesome awesome awesome:)

Beside this every night in Alexandraplatz there were different street performers. One night there was a showman hey I laughed so much he was really so funny. He walked on a rope and made circus actions. The next night there was a music band and was called Berlin Oriental Group. Members were German, Russian, Israeles and Turkish. It was so good listening Turkish instruments in Berlin. 

I have also attended two local meetings organized by Couchsurfing and Meet Up Berlin. It is nice to meet locals while you are traveling. Meet Up Meeting was on a boat located beside the river and we watched amazing sunset view of Berlin.

Last but not least, I loved Berlin, it is very worth to see this lovely city. It has very cold days in its story but without forgetting its history it has a bright future as far as I saw.

Here are the photos of me in Berlin as a summary:)