A Thousand Times Good Night

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Are we aware of who we are? Or who we really want to be?
Are we enough brave to continue for the life we want?

After watching this movie, these questions has recently appeared in my mind.

Rebecca’s daughter asks to her mum why does she continue photo shooting even she is in danger situations. She says that when she is taking pictures she is feeling calm down and stopping her anger to the world. Because she wants to show what is happening all over the world and make them feel awareness. She is so brave for her attitude and there is no fear in her eyes while she is focusing her responsibility.

While she is doing her job on the other hand she has a husband and two daughters. And for them to see their mother walking through death is not easy. 

Rebecca knows who she is and want to be a part of the world. She has an impressive perspective and tries to other people understand what is going on. 

Sure there is no only one reality here. On the other side she has a family and she has responsibilities for them. If I see with her husband’s eyes, I can say that Rebecca is a selfish woman and does not understand the meaning of being family.

So maybe not every human being should have a family. It is a big dilemma.

While you are realizing yourself also you should try to balance all areas in your life.

I guess it is another big talent we should have.

At last but not least “A Thousand Times Good Night” made me think different perspectives and ask myself about my life expectations that’s why I am telling you that it is worth watching!