London, Glasgow and Edinburgh Days

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hogmanay Torchlight Procession, Life, London
I am coming back from an amazing journey. It includes new people, places and experiences. I feel full of joy and happiness. I saw that we have some turning points in our every day. Suddenly you have to decide which way is the better.

First what I learned I always wondering inside of the typical houses in London. How do they live and their inner world. So this time I saw. Last time I remember me looking at the houses and try to figure out their insides so I know now. I stayed 2 friends of mine in 2 different houses in London and stayed another of my friend in Glasgow. I felt like I was living there as a local and made me feel more oriented. 

This time I went also Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

Glasgow is like little London but not crowded like it and also reachable to every places easily. And it has more boutique and old English style streets, pubs, vintage stores and cafes. 

And in Glasgow I tried a delicious soup in Stereo Cafe. They cook all foods organic. I liked the taste of all foods I have eaten there:)

Glasgow can be a alternative shopping place. From London people are coming for shopping because it has more reachable prices.

I liked old, historical buildings in Glasgow. The buildings made me feel I was in old England. 

The day after Glasgow I have been to Edinburgh. Edinburgh was like tale city.

With buildings, castles, mystic atmosphere it was full if awesomeness. 

What I learned that day there would be Torchlight Procession- Hogmanay. I haven’t known it so I was planned to leave Edinburgh at 06.00 pm but Hogmanay was supposed to start at 07.00 pm. And also most of ways were closed because of this event. I had to decide that I could try to arrive airport and maybe next year to see this event or change my flight and attend this event. So with a quick decision I stayed and I can tell you that it was amazing and blow- minding. People started walking after Viking costumed men with Scottish music and torchlights in their hands. We were walking to a hill in the darkness just listening wonderful music and sounds of people’s foot steps. It was so magical. At the top of the hill they burned the fire with their torchlights and fireworks started with lovely songs. All we were screaming loudly because it was so beautiful that I can not explain maybe. I felt sorry that why I was not aware of this event. I had amazing moments with those people with feeling this atmosphere. 

And there I met a travel blogger and learned that night they have a dinner so asked me to come there. Actually I was not a travel blogger but it was a chance for me to see all my favourite bloggers together. That night by chance I met a travel blogger from Portugal and it opened me an another perspective to see other people’s lifestyles.

Edinburgh taught me new things and made me feel wonderful.

After returning London in the new year eve, I was having an another big excitement because I was going to run Serpentine New Year’s Day 10K race in Hyde Park. It was one of my targets that run in a race in a different country. And I had a chance to attend in London, as London being my favourite city I was so happy. I am proudly tell you that it was a great race especially running all around Hyde Park and the lake. 

Another day I went out to explore the city. I was wondering “The Lamb“. It is known one of the oldest pubs in London. I can tell you that I loved there. It was so nice place to be in. I met a lady there and we talked about our lives, what we learned and shared our experiences. It was a lovely conversation and I was so happy to learn another person who is thinking like me too and I inspired of her. She has an adorable life living in London and Bordeaux. She travelled most of the world. Her children were living in London and New Zealand. And she founded a windsurf course that she was doing it for 20 years. We both told each other let us know if our paths cross. 

I saw another person’s life and it was a nice experience to learn.

The next day when I was at tube station I saw an advertisement saying explore Bordeaux. So I thought what a coincidence. It was like a sign for me. That made me think that maybe we have lots of signs in our daily lives but to see them is our choice. Isn’t it so interesting?

After 4 train, 2 bus travel and 4 plane flight, visited 3 cities and 2 countries in United Kingdom and finally I am back to my hometown.

This travel showed me that people around the world are living their own unique world. If we are aware of it we can inspire of them. Maybe we should just try to see the signs!