My passion for running!

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Today I would like to share with you my passion for running.

How did I start running? 

I was in my friend’s birthday party. I was talking with our mutual friend. She told me that she was going to start running the next morning. 
I just asked  “Can I join?” 
She kindly said yes and we agreed to meet at 7.00 am in the next morning. 

When we met she told me that she was not waiting me because it was too early. But I said you have my words and I am here so let’s start running.

So my running journey has started on March 2013 like this. 

We continued running every week. Even in sunny & rainy or cold days … 

After a while I continued running alone because I found out that it was a way to find myself. I was feeling nothing is impossible. I was challenging myself and trying to push my limits everytime. 

After these runs I also attended races like 7K, 10K, 15K and a Half Marathon. 

Running made me feel free and confident. 
I can easily tell you now what I want or don’t want. 

After I started running also I started hiking and traveled more than ever before. 
And when I traveled far far away I also ran every places I have seen. Because I noticed that it was a great way to explore a new city with running.

Also it is a very special time for me to stay alone with myself. Because I noticed that until that time I was always surrounded with people. But now I can listen myself and have a chance to ask “Are you all right?” or “Is that really you want?” So it makes me think logically with my inner voice.

Last days I read an article. It was about everyone should have a passion for something to be a happier person. I thought and yes I have a passion for running. It makes me feel great and day by day it improves me to be a better person.

I believe if we can find out what we have passion for then we can be happier people. 

So it is important for me to see other people who are caring themselves and listen themselves. 

If we know ourselves then we can be better people.

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