A Confession of My Mind!

Challenge, Education, Life, Motivation

Have you felt like that you are missing something outside? Or feeling that you should be more prepared for future and ready for what is waiting for you. I have been feeling like this now. I want to do more things but then I feel limited and stressed. How can I achieve what I want? Will it be possible or what should I do more? 

Last day one of my friend told me that I was thinking so deeply for everything maybe I just need to let them go. Most of people do like that. So I am again thinking that I am thinking so much! Is it a dilemma?

Or another day one of my friend told me that I was thinking what I really don’t want and I try to make a list of them. Why am I pushing myself? I told her that because it is the easiest way to find what I really want excluding what I don’t want. It really makes sense for me. This is another point that I should think about it deeply:)

Nowadays I try to push myself for an exam. But I remembered my university exam periods and it was an awful feeling to concentrate for study. I was feeling frustrated and stressed. Actually I remember until high school I was a pretty hard working student but when I decided to study science on high school, I started to unconcentrate to study. I was paniced about all complex formulas and I wasn’t sure that I am at the right place. I think those years my break point for school life. After that I was just having average scores. And just completing was enough for me not more.

So today I faced my fear again. I should work hard and pass an exam to prove myself that if I want something to be done then it should be done. 

I just realized that the most difficult part of to be successful in life is first you should have a power to push yourself to reach upper level. There is a tiny break point between resistance and to move on. If you pass that line you will move forward more than ever so when you are between that area you should know that you are frustrated because it is a transition period. So take a deep breath and with your last energy just push your limits. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed so maybe we should just show the courage for the first step. 

That’s what I am also planning to do right now!


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