What I learned Running My First Half Marathon!

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I started to run on March 2013. When in my first running, I said myself this is what I want. I felt really good and I wanted to continue. It made me feel free and clear my mind. 

So I put some items about running to my impossible list because it was my precious one:)

Run 7K, 10K, Half Marathon and a Marathon…

I did 7K before but Half Marathon was so crazy for me. 

Yesterday was the biggest day because I would run a half marathon.

Before the race I said to myself just keep going. So during the race I try to just move. I was angry to my phone that telling every miles because there were so miles ahead to go! Last few miles I was behind from all of the athletes but I said that you showed the courage to attend this race and you are moving. It is not important to go faster, just run and see the finish line. So I did, I moved and saw the amazing finish line:)

I couldn’t imagine myself if somebody told me 2 years ago: 

“You would run a half marathon, 21.5 km (13.1 Miles)!” 

But as of yesterday, yes I ran a half marathon!

So I really started to believe nothing is impossible. If you believe yourself and at least start what you really like and want why couldn’t it be realized? 
I am an example of it but believe me there are many examples achieved their dreams. 

I have to achieve many items on my impossible list

Sure somedays I feel “Ok Asli it is up to now, accept it that you will not be able to realize all of them”. 

Of course I have ups and downs like everybody. 

But at that time I try to focus my ups. I ask to myself why not, if nothing is impossible then I have to push myself. 

My first half marathon was the proof of my belief.

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