Surround Yourself with Those on the Same Mission as You!

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What I noticed that people who are living their lives ‘normally’ look more unhappy to me. They are in their comfort zone and have no courage to go out and find a new path. They seem that they are always thinking something and look disappointed. Maybe you can say because of money problems mostly. But I don’t believe with money people can be more happy. To be happy is a choice. But when I look at the people who are looking for a new challange are more fun and happy. Let’s look at travellers. Have you seen an unhappy traveller or backpacker? They are travelling with a limited budget but look very enthuastic. They are very curious about everything and can join every group easily because they know that if they don’t take any risk, they won’t learn what is waiting for them. So they say more ‘why not’. 

We are reading that people quit their jobs and start travelling. They are happy because maybe first time in their lives they are doing something for their own lives not thinking anyone else. 

Living in a big city can be an disadvantage because if you look deeply to lots of people’s faces, you can notice their unhappiness for not catching their dreams. What I see that, they are so tired of their lives and have no hope for their future.

So what I am thinking now we should surround ourselves people who are thinking like us. Because to be effected by unhappy people is the biggest danger. They break our courage to reach our dreams. 

So why don’t we try to expand our overview to life? We should learn one more thing every second to move forward. So if we start to change something in our lives, the universe will help us to meet the right people. So let’s choose to be happy and have the mind ‘why not’!

2 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Those on the Same Mission as You!

  1. Asli, what a lovely piece you have here. I agree with you. Surround yourself with positive people who love and care for you. Life is too short to be unhappy. Traveling allows you to meet new people and makes new friends. Nurture your inner gypsy & keep exploring the world!


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