Challenge accepted!

Black Sea, Challenge, Cold Shower, Hiking, Impossible List, Trans Kackar
Cold shower

I have started Cold Shower on 17 July. And today is 17 August. It has been one month. Why did I start to have cold shower? Because I want to have power to choose the difficult one. I know that hot water is comfortable for me but but I want to break my comfort zone. 

This was a baby step for me. I know that I can leave something when I feel comfortable so it makes me feel powerful. Sure, in all areas of my life I should practise it, so I will try.

I want to try what I did not try before or I want to say more ‘why not’ because we can not know what is waiting for us. 

Life is a good journey to whom wants to learn what it really means.

Cold shower therapy was only 30 days but I am going to continue it until I feel comfortable. If I start to feel comfortable, I will change my route again. Because we should always improve ourselves with new challenges. 

By the way this weekend I will go hiking and camping at Black Sea and it is the most difficult route in that area so I am a little bit excited because a new challenge is waiting for me. And also it is in my impossible list so I can’t wait to post it done!

I should be so tough for this route. It will be at the highest mountains of Black Sea: Trans Kackar, 3937 mt!  Check it out! 

Last year also I went hiking to Black Sea Mountains and I have learned that if you are above 2000 mt, your eyes can swell up! Lesson one: According to height your body can give different signals!
So what I am saying now, hello to a new challenge and let’s get it over!


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