Cold Shower- Day 18

Challenge, Change, Cold Shower, Inspiration
It has been 18 days I am having cold showers. What I feel is that I think I will continue it as my life style. It should not be limited for just 28 days, it worths more! So as more I can do, I will continue to have cold showers! 

Cold shower is only a baby step for the changes I want. I want more. Actually I am trying to figure out what I really want. What do I really want to change in my life? All I know that I can hear my inner voice and she says a few words: change/ inspire/ vision/ challenge/ world!

I want to meet the people who are thinking like me. I want to see different points of view, different visions and see the big picture…

As far as I know that I am on my way, so let’s see what I will find out…


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